Spare parts

Original spare part (original):

The part or accessory mounted on the assembly line of manufacturing plant when assembling the vehicle.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM):

The supplier of the given spare part to the assembly line of vehicle manufacturer.

Analogue or aftermarket parts:

The part or accessory which is similar to the original part by technical features and produced by another manufacturer for sale in the aftermarket.

The consumer quality can be lower, equal to the original, as well as superior to the latter. The most expensive parts for any car tuning are analogs by definition.

Original spare parts

Original spare parts are manufactured at plants in most cases do not belong to the automaker but has contract basis with the latter. This contract defines later on the pricing of car manufacturer towards after-sales service and spare parts for produced vehicle. The price for original parts became formed by car manufacturer policy which is not always fair, to put it mildly. (link). Original spare parts in required quantity are also supplied to service centers of car manufacturer for warranty service and maintenance. They can be also supplied by the manufacturer for sale at the aftermarket. The automaker in effect places orders for original spare parts at foreign manufacturer and forms the market of maintenance for produced cars. So far as the price of original spare parts includes the interests of the automaker, so he insists on buying original parts until the end of the warranty period. Later he just recommends doing it. Nothing personal - just business.


Of course all car spare parts, produced by any manufacturer, have to be certified. This concerns not only original spare parts, but also analogs. And it’s explained by safety requirements applicable to any vehicle.

Are the original spare parts always of good quality? Many cases are known when car manufacturer recalled their vehicles because of technical reasons, including claims to the quality of car connection joints and units. Car is a complicated technical device.

Finally reliability of the whole car depends on the reliability of every single part. And it’s understandable that the automaker wants to improve this reliability. It seems that buying of original spare part solves this problem.

However, many things depend on different factors. In case the manufacturer wants to produce a budget car model, he is obligated to assembly it from cheap spare parts. And on the contrary, the case with business class cars is somewhat different. On the other hand, the original parts for not too cheap cars are the best niche for manufacturers of counterfeit parts (obvious fakes). According to statistics, their share is up to 60%. Externally is not always easy even for the experts to tell original part from a fake. And the quality of the counterfeit is unpredictable.

What to do?

In case you buy the original spare part, so do it only at the official distributor center with mounting the part on the car at his service center followed by a warranty.

If you are not ready to do it for financial reason, then purchase high-quality analog.

Many of the spare parts, especially so-called consumables, initially don’t require any original replacement.

If there is no difference, so why pay more?

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