Starke Automotive is a trade name of leading car spare parts producer. Starke is a brand that for more than two decades of development, in particular in the Russian spare parts market, became a recognizable and popular. Spare parts under this brand are the benchmark of quality-price ratio.
The latest technological equipment, automation of the engineering process, an innovative approach to the production of each spare part make possible to achieve excellent quality and to reduce production costs. Already today you can estimate in full measure superiority of such approach, expressed in lower price which is also an important factor in the imminent threat of global economic crisis.

Our company does everything necessary that the quality of produced spare parts satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Starke automotive is a worthy alternative to the many popular brands. If there is no difference, why pay more?

We don’t invest heavily in needless advertising. Even if we write across the sky in large letters: “Our goods are the best in the world!” Will the goods become better? No! But the customer will pay for it. We save your money and rapidly increase the range of goods, adding new spare parts for new modern car models. The present day in the catalog that is constantly growing, you will find a wide range of spare parts produced by us.
The quality of Starke Automotive spare parts meets international quality standards ISO9001 and is certified by TUV and DQS. In the CIS’s countries it is certified by State Standard (GOST) of the Russian Federation and by State Standard (STB) of the Republic of Belarus. Starke Automotive provides you a unique opportunity to get the best car spare parts at affordable prices.

Get the spare parts from the car industry leader at affordable prices by guaranteed quality of goods.
Ask about Starke spare parts at stores in your city and online!

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About production and producers

STARKE Automotive initially focused on the production of parts, primarily for the well-known German brands Mercedes - Benz, BMW, Audi-VolksWagen.

Quite a lot of time with leaders in the automotive industry were leading German corporations. Their main distinguishing feature in the approach to the car were: safety, quality and high reliability. Cars were calculated for the extended period of operation. Buying a car at a young age you can drive it up to old age. The car was getting old together with his owner. Accordingly, the price of these machines was not so available. Japanese manufacturers have led the consumer in a different way - affordable, economy, comfort, saturation options. At affordable price. While durability is not needed. Models are changed every two years, and it is necessary to make the buyer just more likely to change their car. Hereinafter, the Korean automotive industry has continued to develop this approach, and in recent years, and Chinese.

Hence the question - what's the point in making (and buying) expensive TOP quality items that will last 100 years if the car itself is designed for 10?

In recent years, many things had changed. STARKE, keeping pace with time, also increased the production of parts for the most popular cars of the world production. Therefore, in the modern approach the quality of our products is often not inferior to the OEM.